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An extremely effective strategy for growing your mobile app installs and top list rankings is through the acquisition of incentivized user downloads (incent traffic). Incentive installs relate to those driven by users that are rewarded (or incentivized) to download and install your application. As an example, a user playing a game that uses a virtual currency to purchase items might offer their users X amount of virtual currency in exchange for downloading and installing your application. The app developer that is sending the user to your app is then paid by Brus Media for the install they have delivered, which provides them with another strategy for monetizing their app without having to ask the user to pay them.

There are a number of key benefits to using incentivized traffic:

  1. Cost-effective

    Incent installs are almost always at a much lower rate than non-incent installs, across both Android and iOS platforms. The incentivized users typically convert very highly which allows the mobile publishers the opportunity to generate good revenue from their app, even at a lower rate.


  3. Influence on top list rankings

    One of the main reasons an advertiser would choose incent traffic is due to the impact that high download numbers can have on where you rank in the app store top lists. This is a core strategy for improved top list presence, as utilized by some of the largest brands in the industry.


  5. Attract new active users

    Users that are incentivized to install your app are, in most cases, going to be of a lower quality when compared to users that have no incentive at all to install your app. That being said, you can still attract new regular users through this activity, when you take into account that these users are still actively engaged with other apps that are referring them to yours. After achieving their desired outcome for the app that sent them to yours, a user can return to your app which is now installed on their phone, to check out what your app is all about.

When planning your mobile marketing strategies, there is no single best way to grow your app. Like the marketing of any product, your entire marketing mix should comprise of multiple strategies to get the best results. Incent installs should be a part of this and used strategically in order to deliver the strongest results. Contact our team to discuss your mobile app marketing campaigns and how the right mix should deliver the strongest results. It’s what we do best, so let us take control and take your app to the top!

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