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Brus Media is a mobile affiliate network focused on the Growth and Monetization of iPhone and Android Applications through performance-based, cost-per-install marketing. With high quality traffic and top payouts, advertisers and publishers alike can benefit from working closely with our agency.


By having direct relationships with some of the leading apps in the market, we are able to offer higher CPI’s than many other networks on some of the highest converting campaigns. Working with your dedicated account manager, you’ll be able to test campaigns to find the highest performing for your audience, then sit back and count the revenue through our completely transparent dashboard. If you’re looking for a solution to integrate advertising into your games, we’ve also developed an App Wall SDK which integrates simply with just a few lines of code and drives strong conversion rates while not interrupting users gameplay.

See the example below and click here to find out more about the SDK.

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If you’re looking to grow your mobile app with effective user acquisition strategies, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve delivered millions of installs to iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android applications for some of the largest apps in the industry. We can offer incentivised or non-incentivised campaigns depending on your goals and take the knowledge and learnings from our industry experience to help you grow and monetize your users.

Mobile Advertisers

Mino Games, the San Francisco developer has announced that they have recently received $2.2 million in funding. This was following the huge success of their hit game MinoMonsters, which reached a staggering 7 million downloads. Soon to be released is the sequel Mino Monsters 2: Evolution, which... Read More