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The mobile app industry is an ever changing, ever competitive environment, with mobile gaming leading the charge of growth and development during more recent times. While the gaming industry as a whole continues to grow, it is mobile games that are producing the most profitable margins. Global Technology Researcher Gartner Inc. has predicted that over the next 3 years the mobile gaming industry will experience an enormous growth of close to $20 billion.

In such a competitive industry, it is vital that developers and publishers take the necessary steps to market their new app. Industry professionals are becoming more and more aware of the need to employ a strategic mobile marketing agency to assist with various approaches when promoting their new app. Following the chain of supply and demand, this is why the team at Brus Media continues to expand with the ever growing mobile app marketing industry, providing an extensive resource base, which will ultimately lead to further success for developers and publishers.

Not only is it critical to understand how to successfully optimize your app in an App Store environment, as this will lead to longevity for download rates and profit margins, but it is also equally important to understand how to best capitalize on your app at the time of launch. The right mobile marketing techniques, implemented with perfect timing, can lead to increases in monthly active users and overall profitability via optimized exposure.

Read our guides above to discover just how important marketing your new mobile app really is, as we reveal which strategies will best suit your individual campaign, as we strive to exceed your goals and expectations together.

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