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Founded in September 2012, the Brus Media team are a group of mobile marketing and monetization experts. With teams operating from Brisbane and Sydney, Brus Media continues to grow its worldwide reach, working with partners throughout the world in Australia, the USA, UK, Israel, Russia, China and more.

With a focus on delivering high quality campaigns that exceed industry standards, our client portfolio consists of activity for the largest brands in the industry; including King, Machine Zone, Amazon, Uber, Expedia and many more household names. We have worked with these brands on user acquisition, in-app engagement and goal conversions. We provide data-driven, performance advertising on a CPI and CPE basis only, which ensures guaranteed performance for our advertisers.

Our Difference


1. Strategy Development

We develop tailored strategies for our clients with the focus of achieving their goals. Through our strategy development, we identify the following key areas in order to create the perfect strategy to grow your app:

– Geo Targeting:
If you are an advertiser with potential to target multiple countries, we can analyse competition and opportunity to identify the best markets to approach, particularly in early stages of an app launch.

– App Store Rankings vs Direct User Goals:
Depending on which is your priority, the strategy for your campaign should differ greatly. This is where we can identify the best mix of incent vs non-incent traffic for your campaign.

– Competitor Analysis:
We identify the categories in which you are competing, across the various app stores, in order for us to understand the requirements to achieve your goals.

– Publisher Selection:
In the strategy development phase of a campaign, our User Acquisition Team hand select from publishers and media placements based on those that have delivered strong results in your particular niche. We discuss the potential campaign openly with them to understand performance expectations and any feedback they have regarding creative, the app or potential issues and pass this feedback to our advertiser.


2. Campaign Optimisation

Throughout the set up phase of our campaigns, we ensure that results are tracked directly from each publisher utilising their unique publisherid. By passing this variable, we can identify the highest (and lowest) performing traffic sources throughout the life of your campaign.

By focusing on the results from individual sources we can ensure long term performance and scalability for your campaign.