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Developed over 5+ years, AppSeek is a proprietary software for the management of performance-based Android and iOS campaigns. Through the development of machine learning algorithms and implementation of advanced technologies, AppSeek is one of the industry’s leading solutions to cost-per-install campaign management, tracking, traffic optimization and fraud prevention.

Features for Mobile Advertisers

Conversion Rate Optimizer

After setting conversion rate thresholds, our auto-optimise function immediately pauses any publisher that has a click-to-install conversion rate lower or higher than desired. This prevents fraud such as incentivised traffic and click spam from running on your campaign.

Time-to-Install Optimizer

To prevent install highjacking and click spam, time-to-install thresholds are set at an advertiser or campaign level. Our auto-optimise function immediately blocks any installs from converting that occur before or after the threshold window. Publisher placements that have a percentage of installs blocked above our accepted level are immediately blacklisted.

Category-Based Targeting

Using data tracked through AppSeek, blacklists and whitelists are created against every campaign. This data is collated by category, to allow all campaigns to utilise this data, and target only the highest performing sources in their category. These lists are updated daily to continually enhance campaign performance.

Full Transparency

If you require full transparency on where your traffic comes from, then we can also provide this using app name or bundleid across thousands of placements. You no longer have to be concerned about undisclosed traffic sources and fraudulent ad placements.


Features for Agencies & Ad Networks

API Integration

Whether you’re using Hasoffers, Offerslook or your own custom platform, our development team can integrate you via API to automate campaign set up and allow our team to work with you on growth, instead of the time consuming task of uploading campaigns.

Auto Verification

All campaigns imported via API are placed in a queue to have tracking verified before being set live. This ensures that only live campaigns are activated, minimizing click wastage and increasing campaign performance. It also allows your dedicated Account Manager to identify issues and notify you when they arise.


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